Medicinal chemists seeking drugs to treat mental illnesses have entered a broad, fruitful territory that is certain to yield safer, more effective agents well into the next century. The territory is the molecular biology of the brain—the neurotransmitters and other ligands that affect brain functions and the receptors where they act.   

The existence of this territory has been known for the past few decades. But only now are the topographical features becoming well-enough explored that medicinal chemists can form ideas about their functions, their relations to mental health and illness, and what tools to devise to test those ideas. It is then fitting that President Bush has designated the 10 years beginning Jan. 1, 1990, as the decade of the brain.

-Stephen C. Stinson

Psychoactive Drugs

Chemical & Engineering News, October 15, 1990


tfios <3


tfios <3

Fly Fly Miku :))

Fly Fly Miku :))



The Japanese grammar packet I promised to hobosensei but really it’s for anyone to use.
I hope it’s a helpful start. 


arigatou guzaimasu T_T

Another secret of the universe: Sometimes pain was like a storm that came out of nowhere. The clearest summer could end in a downpour. Could end in lightning and thunder.
Benjamin Alire Sáen (via Storm Warning)
I will tell you &#8216;I love you&#8217;as many as there are stars in the sky.
 Even if it takes every second of my entire life to do so.

I will tell you ‘I love you’as many as there are stars in the sky.

Even if it takes every second of my entire life to do so.

When people say they understand you…

When you have a professor who doesn’t know how to teach…


When you almost got an A on a test but you got a B.


I can now define love, ahem.

Love is doing something over and over again even if you know it will hurt.

Best example: Watching Sherlock.

Hahahaha…. I feel you

People are going to judge for all kinds of reasons for the rest of your life. It’s a fact of life: you can’t make everyone happy. But you can make you happy.
Leah Rae Miller, The Summer I Became a Nerd (via ilovebooksxxmorethanpeople)
I refuse to give in and allow you to claim him as yours. Dream on :PP Have you seen "Stuck In Love"? XD

At least I can dream and in my dreams he’s mine! :P :P :P :P :P!

I dunno what you dream about, but I believe that Logan Lerman is not dreaming about you :P (nor me~but who cares… he’s mine XD). 

No, I still haven’t watched Stuck In Love. I can’t watch it until I’m done with all my exhshams T_T plus, we’re all going to watch it anyways! :D (me, my colleagues, and my professor too! because I dragged them into it. XD)